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Welcome to The Lupine Cottage, an artist co-op on the coast of Maine. We have over 65 Maine Artists and Craftspeople. Take a look around our site to see the amazing diversity of our artisans. By looking at our individual artist pages you can also shop securely online and own some amazing one of a kind art.
Fall Gift Ideas!
Blueberry Bark Blueberry Bark Blueberry Bark
Blueberry Bark
Gift Set:
5 oz tin of loose tea
blueberries green blueberries
Green Blueberries
copper butterfly
Limited Edition Framed Print 3 A Breath of Spring
Veined Butterflies
Framed Print
A Breath of Spring
Roger Casey
Ben Hall
John Lusignan
Simplicity Purse 
All Proceeds from the sale of this book goes to Warm Waldo
WARM WALDO is a grassroots effort to raise money to aid families in need of heating assistance. This is our 3rd year. We have assisted more than 45 local families. Every penny of your donation goes directly to assistance. Tanya hand delivers the donations directly to the heating company herself, often making the donation to their account without the beneficiary even knowing. Please consider helping out a neighbor in need. It's the right thing to do
Gift Certificate Winners
July:  Candice Westgate, Andover Mass.
August:  Sarah Blodgett, Brooksville Maine
maine art coop
petite taway