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Matthew Edgerly, M. Alden Jewelry Designs

Meet Lupine Artisan Matthew Edgerly

I started becoming interested in Sea Glass at a very young age.  While roaming the inlets of Penobscot Bay with my family, I was struck by the natural beauty and striking originality of each unique piece of sea glass…so many colors, so many shapes!  I remember telling my mother “this one looks like a slice of pizza!” or  “this one looks like a sailboat!”  It wasn’t until my teen years that I discovered that I could take an amazing piece of sea glass and enhance its natural beauty by gently wrapping it in sterling silver wire.  I discovered that by using the natural ridges, lines and bumps on the glass, I could create amazing works of art!

In recent years I have scoured the Maine coastline looking for only the finessed examples of sea glass with which to make beautiful creations.  I have also taken metalwork classes and been working with a Mid-Coast jeweler to learn to how to create new and exciting sterling rings, bracelets and other designs.

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