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Lupine Cottage Artisan Bob Hirshberg, Scruffy Productions

Meet Lupine Artisan Bob Hirshberg

There’s a reason why private pilots across North America know Bob Hirshberg as the “Aircraft Photographer.”
Taken from the Bangor Daily News| By Brian Swartz, Of the Weekly Staff| Posted March 03, 2014

Whenever he encounters a seaplane, Hirshberg reaches for his camera — and his photos now appear in calendars, on canvases, as framed art, and even on silk pillows. These products and others are available through his Glenburn-based business, Scruffyy Productions.

That’s “Scruffyy” with two y’s, and there’s more to the business than seaplane photos. From people to architectural beauty to vehicles and landmarks, Hirshberg takes photos across the width and breadth of Maine. Read Entire Article, click here

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