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Lupine Cottage Artisan Bob Hirshberg

Meet Lupine Artisan Bob Hirshberg

The Whimsical Quilts are made to celebrate the wildlife and the beauty of the State of Maine.  Rustic in nature, they are made in the “log cabin” style of quilt blocks and include both abstract and realistic images of the Maine wildlife and the natural beauty throughout the state.  These quilts have become popular with folks who have a cottage in the woods or on the lakes of Maine and travelers who want to take back a memory of their travels throughout the state.

Whenever possible, The Whimsical Quilts are made with 100% cotton fabric and thread. However, there were times when I could not find the color needed in 100% cotton, so I use a blend of 80% cotton and 20% synthetic.  The quilts are machine stitched except for the rare occasions when hand sewing was required.  It is best to dry clean the quilts if needed.  Best to spot clean if something gets spilled on them.  With any kind of cleaning be as gentle as possible. 

The Whimsical Quilts are divided up into 6 main categories including:

  1. Maine Wildlife which is a mixture of Deer, Moose, Elk, Fox

  2. Maine Birds

  3. Breeds of Dogs commonly found in Maine

  4. Maine Cities

  5. Aircraft of New England including those that showed up for the International Seaplane Fly in Greenville.

  6. Maine Scenic Areas including Acadia National Park, Portland Light House, Baxter State Park, Greenville and Moosehead Lake area, Mt. Kineo and Mt Katahdin.

 The quilts are also available by special order that can include personal photos of your travels or special events and memories.  Special order quilts can be ordered and designed online.  I ask customers to select 12 photos that they would like in their quilt and to forward the images to me either as a JPEG, PDF, or other digital format for editing and then printing on cotton fabric and then placed in the quilt.  I generally need 2 to 3 weeks to complete a special-order quilt.

Your quilt maker:  I live and work in the greater Bangor, Maine area.  I am a professional photographer who specializes in aircraft photography, air to ground, ground to air, and air to air.  I began making quilts when customers started wanting photos of their aircraft, classic auto, or family on pillows for their aircraft or home and it has grown to include the quilts that you see now.  My studio is above my garage at the edge of the woods.

Thanks for your interest in the Whimsical Quilts at The Lupine Cottage in Belfast Maine.

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