Lupine Cottage Artisan Chris Gray, Riff Wood Picks

Meet Lupine Artisan Chris Gray

Riff Wood Picks are hand crafted unique Wooden Gifts and Guitar Picks made by Chris Gray.

Riff Wood Picks are all about giving a receiving a smile, making music, and making friends and family members happy. Sure, you can buy a plastic guitar pick for a quarter, but where else are you going to find a hand made wooden gift item that is both functional and also matched to the personality of the giver, the receiver, or both, all for under ten dollars. They make a perfect Stocking Stuffer or great little item to include in a note or get well card for stringed players and non players alike.

Riff Wood Picks make great gift picks for guitar, bass, and mandolin, and are hand made in Maine, USA. The combination of beautiful hardwoods, both local and exotic, create a unique and artistic pick that has the wonderful tone that only natural wood can deliver!Choose a Riff Wood Pick with the thought in mind that these picks are designed to be used, but they are also designed to add a dimension of joy to simply opening up the guitar case and seeing it there. Many are given as gifts, and it is a sure thing that the giver will be thought of each time that pick is seen or played. Wooden picks are thicker than most plastic picks. Natural wood gives a mellow tone and the picker can experiment with using the pick tip to sound individual strings and the beveled edge to strum. There is no wrong way to use a Riff Wood Pick. My hope is that those who give and those who receive one will each find joy in them.