Lupine Cottage Artisan Hawthorn and Thistle Farmstead

Meet Lupine Artisan Hawthorn and Thistle Farmstead

My name is Steph Grant I am an off grid homesteader in Washington ME. My farms primary focus is raising an endangered breed of sheep called Jacob sheep. I have been raising Jacob sheep since I was 22 but I have been doing fiber arts for almost 19 years. 


I do a variety of different yarns from natural right off the sheep spun in the grease to mill spun hand painted. Most of the fiber is grown on my farm either from the Jacobs or the Angora Goats but I do run out and have to buy in. Any fiber that is bought in is from different farms around Maine that I know personally and can assure the quality of fiber. All the dying of fiber is done by me in small batches on my woodstove using either acid wash dyes or natural plants. I also work with the fiber mill in Waldoboro, then next town over, when I need stuff process into mill spun or roving.