Lupine Cottage Artisan Karen Hartt, Kink & Koil Handcraft

Karen Hartt

Meet Lupine Artisan Karen Hartt

As an avid knitter I have used beads in my knit creations for years. In 2012 I signed up for a class on wire wrapping beach glass. The wire aspect intrigued me, and I started knitting with wire to create bracelets and earrings.  As my skills working with wire grew I branched out into other techniques, wire weaving (Viking Knit), Spool knitting and crochet work with wire.  Today I create unique pieces of wearable art knitting, weaving, hammering and coiling wire.

Viking Knit (wire weaving) aka Trichinopoly Chain, is an ancient wire weaving technique from the middle ages. Samples of this chain have been found in Celtic, Anglo-Saxon Norse and Roman grave sites from as early as the 1st century AD. It was used for necklaces, bracelets, and as clothing ornaments.


I have been knitting since age 8, but really started doing serious knit projects in my early 20’s when I was introduced to cables and some very beautiful stitch patterns by Mary Walker. I love the feel of a good quality yarn in my hands and the wonderful products/projects I can create. My critter hats are a fun way to express the whimsical side of my knitting.  

I love to teach knitting and hold two or three classes each year.