Lupine Cottage Artisan Karen Lannon

Meet Lupine Artisan Karen Lannon

I have always had a love of the sea. My earliest memories of the waters edge was gathering some shells for a man on the beach on Cape Cod and watching him eat the meat of the shell, raw. That was the start of collecting gifts of the sea.

Moving to Maine at the young age of 8. My Mother introduced me to the ocean life by buying an Island in Casco Bay. When we were not cleaning out the years of litter from the Civil War fort, or helping to rebuild the vandalized houses, my brother and I were on the beach. Anything that floated in was fair game for two children’s imagine. I remember staking claim to a collection of boards that at one time had been a rowboat.

As I attempted to Captain it to the dock it sank. To this day I blame my brother for the lose of my first command. It was not that I was rowing to slow; he was not bailing fast enough.  Gathering shells and the “sea jewels” called sea glass was a natural way of life for an Island Girl. After a sabbatical from Maine that included a marriage, move to Florida’s seacoast, two children, and a divorce, I came Home. I rejoined the family business, earned my Captain’s license and started collecting “sea treasures” again.

Another departure from the Island, this time to Connecticut, with a Husband who encouraged my artistic desires. Moving back to my beloved state of Maine, with a beginner’s class of stained glass knowledge and an abundance of sea glass, I set out to develop a style that was mine. I now have an art product that is unique enough that when people see it they recognize it as being created by Karen M. Lannon.  My greatest joy in life after children and now grandson, Island, and the sea, is to sell a piece of my art to someone who does not know I am the artist and listen to them express their excitement of their purchase.

The sea glass vases & votive holders are created on House Island in Casco Bay. Karen Lannon has had a connection to Maine from the young age of 8. Her mother introduced her to the ocean life by buying an Island in Casco Bay. After a beginner’s class of stained glass knowledge and an abundance of sea glass, Karen set out to develop a style that was her own. Using metal sautering skills Karen creates vases and votive holders decorated with pieces of precious sea glass found in Casco Bay.

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