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The Lupine Cottage Artisan Kristin Gould

Gnome Kristin for Lupine Cottage.jpeg

Meet Lupine Artisan Kristin Gould

 A life-long crafter, I started my craft business in 2016 as I started thinking about what I wanted to do after retiring. I started out making rag garlands, but after finding photographs of my Swedish grandmother, Clara, I remembered the stories about Gnomes, which she called Tomtens, that she would tell me when I was a child.


Remembering these stories inspired me to start experimenting with making Gnomes five years ago. While there are general themes, such as seasonal and holiday Gnomes, each Gnome I make is unique and hand-crafted here in Maine. My Gnomes bring a smile to my face when I make them, and I hope they bring one to yours as well!

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