Lupine Cottage Artisan Keith Pillsbury, Maine Hemp Works

Keith Pillsbury

Meet Lupine Artisan Keith Pillsbury, Maine Hemp Works

Founded in May 2014 and located in beautiful Naples, Maine - Maine Hempworks is a small, hemp-based business. Our goal: to become a company synonymous with quality, hemp-derived products and Maine-made craftsmanship.


We take pride in the products we make. We use the best organic oils and butters available and mix them into the products you’ve come to love. The steps we take are done with care and you in mind. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.


Looking for an unscented product? Try our “Earth” line. Our products will quickly become a staple in your body care routine.

Why Hemp?

People often wonder why we chose to use industrial hemp in our products. While that answer can be very long due to all the marvelous products that can be made from the hemp plant the short and sweet answer for our body care products is: we use organic hemp seed oil for its quick and easy absorption into the skin providing for a very moisturizing skin care product.