The Lupine Cottage Artisan Margaret Masessa

Made Especially for You | Mittens, Socks, Hats, Headbands, Blankets, Flannel Burp Cloths for Baby, Tissue Holders

From Tricia, "I bought a pair of these double knit wool mittens last June when visiting Maine. They saved me when shoveling out from the big storm in Boston a few weeks ago. Usually cold hands are the limiting factor, but these mittens kept my fingers warm.!"

Meet Lupine Artisan Margaret Masessa

After moving to Maine in 1988 and having our children in 1989, 1990 and 1995, my goal was to stay home and raise our family.  I learned about knitting machines and contract knitting, and then started my own knitting business, Made Especially For You

The more I knit for other business, the more I wanted to design and knit for myself.  Over the years I have sold machines and given classes as well as house parties where you could custom design your own garments.  I now only knit for my business, and sell in 3 shops:  Lupine Cottage, Pemaquid Craft Co-op, and Lucky Dog Gallery.  The Lupine Cottage is my dream, and I spend a lot of my time there.  I have a machine at the shop that allows me to produce, demonstrate, and teach what I do.

Hand Knit Socks
100 % Wool, Alpaca, or Bamboo
 Knit Mittens
Double Knit Wool, Wool Fleece Lined, or Wool Cable Knit
Head Wear
Rolled Brim Wool Hates, or Headbands
Blankets and Afgans
Hand Sewn Creations
Stop by Our Store: 7 Old Searsport Ave, Rte 1, Belfast, Maine 04915             Phone: 207-338-4300
Our hours are:  Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday Closed
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