The Lupine Cottage Artisan Mary Mosier


Meet Lupine Artisan Mary Mosier

Mary Mosier - I've heard that braided rugs came over from England with the pilgrims and I've also heard that colonists learned the technique from Native Americans. Supposedly early Americans used straw. Back then even rags were needed for other purposes.


I braid with wool which is now the most common fabric to use. My mother taught me to braid. She learned from her sister's husband. My uncle, a Marine Corps fighter pilot, taught himself from Fern Carter's Braided Rug Book. I have the book that he used, although it is now in pieces held together with an elastic. My mother and uncle used World War II uniforms they bought at thrift stores.

Because of the limited colors available they learned to dye the wool. When the supply of wool uniforms dried my mother bought wool by the pond from a local woolen mill in Massachusetts where I grew up. There are very few woolen mills left in the United States and what they sell is very expensive.


My rugs are made from "Recycled" wool. I buy wool skirts at thrift stores. The skirts are washed, line dried and then torn into strips. Because I do not buy new wool the colors in my rugs are dependent on what was in season a few years back.Braided rugs are colorful, durable and warm. You will enjoy your rug for many many years.
Custom made rugs and chair pads, braided rug repairs and rug completions.