Lupine Cottage Artisans Steve & Lorraine Guiggey, Merry Moose of Maine

Meet Lupine Artisans Steve & Lorraine Guiggey, Owners of Merry Moose of Maine

Merry Moose of Maine creates natural, soy candles with amazing scents.  Our balsam candle is scented with real pressed balsam needles.  We use 100% soy wax made from soybeans grown here in the USA.  Soy candles burn cooler than petroleum based candles and will not fill your home with toxins and smoke.  The natural hemp wicks provide a consistent, even burning flame.  They burn clean to the bottom of the jar with no waste. We are family owned and operated, pouring our candles right here at our workshop in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin.  Steve & Lorraine Guiggey | Merry Moose of Maine