The Lupine Cottage Artisan Paula Cookson, The Pour House

Meet Lupine Artisan Paula Cookson

Hi, my name is Paula and I’m addicted to acrylic pouring.

It started out as a mild curiosity. I saw a video of acrylic pouring online and thought it looked like a fun thing to try. I bought some canvas (canvases? canvi?) and acrylic paints and set out to try this funky artform and see what could happen. Turns out, it would become a hobby that turned into an obsession. I am happiest with paint dripping off my hands, from a canvas loaded with many colors.

As a mental health therapist, I find that creative outlets such as pouring are my therapy. There is a meditational quality to making things with your hands; a sense of peace and focus that transcends all the days’ stress and worry.

When you pour the paint onto the canvas and tilt it around, the magic of the colors and the way they play off one another in varying ways melts everything else away.

Thank you for checking out my pours and I hope you find time to do something creative and relaxing today.