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Peter S. Zimmerman: Waterborne Maritime Images

Peter S. Zimmerman

Meet Lupine Artisan Peter S. Zimmerman

Peter Zimmerman was born and raised in Morristown, New Jersey, and spent his summers in Wellfleet, on Cape Cod where he learned to sail and later taught sailing. Peter graduated from Brown University and soon after graduation joined the U. S. Coast Guard.

He attended the Coast Guard's Officers Candidate School in Yorktown, Virginia and was assigned to a 180' buoy tender (USCGC CACTUS) sailing out of Boston, MA. He was later assigned as operations officer and navigator on the ship.

Following his tour on the Cactus, Peter was assigned as an instructor at the Officer's Candidate School, teaching navigation, anti-submarine warfare and small boat handling. He later became the lead instructor in the Coast Guard's Instructor Training School in Yorktown.

Following his 7 year stint in the Coast Guard, Peter focused on the field of ship design. He worked for the large naval architecture firm of Gibbs & Cox in New York and later worked for a small yacht design firm and as a ship repair superintendant at Perth Amboy Drydock Co. and in the Brooklyn Navy Yard overseeing the installation of communications equipment and weapons systems on Navy ships. He later focused on documentation related to ship design and repair, and wrote and illustrated manuals and other documents for AT&T's Transoceanic Cable Ship Company, Boston Whaler, American Bureau of Shipping and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Through his interest and experience in ship design and repair Peter developed an interest in the history of the Maine shipbuilding industry and has developed a series of notecards depicting Maine-built boats and ships. He is currently working on a book about the Arctic Schooner Bowdoin which is now owned by the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine.

Peter and his wife, Julie, live with their dog Lulu and cat Smokey in Surry, Maine.

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