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Meet Artisan Dianne Horton Our August Artisan of the Month

Meet the Artisan Dianne Horton

Margaret asked me how I got started painting. I had an early and late start. I was painting early in my childhood, watching an uncle and great aunt as they participated in art shows and won awards. I am a 4th generation artist. I was very excited about attending the art school I had applied to for college. But that was not to be as my parents told me they would not allow me to draw naked people! So… I attended University of Maine in Machias and received an Elementary Education Degree. I was fortunate enough to land a teaching job along with my husband in 1971 while being interviewed here in Belfast while on our honeymoon to Awans Island from our homes in Saco and Eliot. For 31 years I taught while taking adult education drawing and painting classes and traveling to locations to paint with groups. I opened a huge gallery in 1999 with 3 studios to paint in, held art exhibits of visiting artists and learned how to hang shows with 2 partners on the second floor of the Masonic Building and sold my first watercolor at 50 years old!!

The progression of this gallery taught me how to run a business as well as allowing for hands on instruction from a co-owner and encouragement for customers and followers. In about 2004 my husband Dan decided that it was time to start lugging my tent and tables and easels as well as art work to various art shows around the state. Talk about a learning curve. Some of these veteran artists and already been selling their work in galleries and under their tents for years!

I have progressed from pen and inks to watercolors. Experimentation has helped me learn about my preference for cold pressed papers and lately about a very thick and wonderful Nujabi paper. I love to take workshops and have done commissions of paintings of homes, business buildings and cottages learning all the while. I have absolutely no idea how I am able to draw these. I can only credit it to DNA! My twin sister did corporate income taxes while I painted. One got the right brain , the other got the left brain! My younger son Rob is a sculptor in Kingston, New York. Dianne Horton

To purchase her Art Medium: Watercolor Framed Ceramic Tiles, Unframed and Framed visit her Lupine Artist Page, click here


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