LEO, Zodiac Custom Jewelry

LEO, Zodiac Custom Jewelry

Leo:  The Lion, July 23 - August 22, a Fire sign, ruled by the sun.

Generous, organized, protective, beautiful, proud, regal, relaxed, and in charge.  Leo people know they are in charge, even when it may seem outwardly that they are not.  Fire signs, like Leo, are warm, bright individuals that use that energy and warmth to draw people to them.  When the right balance is struck with a Leo, those around this sign will feel as loved and appreciated as the Leo in their midst.


Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings without Stone   $25.00

Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings with Stone   $28.00

Bracelet:  Quartz, Tiger eye, Turquoise, Hessonite garnet, Garnet, Citrine, Larimar, Agate, Topaz, Cat'e eye (Center), with adjustable sterling silver clasp.  $ 42.00

Pouch of Stones:  Chrysocolla, Garnet, Rhodonite   $22.00

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