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Rebecca Baer®

Rebecca Baer

Meet Lupine Artisan Rebecca Baer

With life long passion for all things creative, Rebecca is the artistic force behind Rebecca Baer®, Ltd. Her works are regularly featured in domestic and foreign publications. Rebecca has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and overseas to share her unique artistic style with eager painters.

Rebecca’s designs combine a sense of sophistication, elegance and harmony; yet have a practical, comfortable quality to them, which makes them stand out from the commonplace. Both Rebecca's hand-painted style and innovative Whimsies & Wishes™ brand, a sophisticated yet delightfully whimsical series, continually expand with Rebecca's trademark artistry.

Rebecca’s success in licensing has resulted in a range of products bearing her Rebecca Baer® and Whimsies & Wishes™ brand art including home decor, dinnerware, accessories, yard art, giftware, paper party goods, fabric & more.

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