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Lupine Cottage Artisan Russ Lloyd, Reclaimed Wooden Rustics

Meet Lupine Artisan Russ Lloyd, Reclaimed Wooden Rustics

I have always been drawn to rustic furnishings, especially things that are made from old wood; barn boards, reclaimed lumber, driftwood and repurposed “stuff.” There is an artistic value to the use of this material as well as a nod to the past which I have found to be quite compelling.

Early influences, believe it or not, were background furnishings that the artists drew for cartoons that my kids used to watch; “The Flintstones” and “Smurfs” in particular. We loved the use of natural materials and the personality that it brought to the characters’ homes! As I slowly moved toward retirement from my carpentry business, I began to collect old or otherwise interesting wood that was being torn apart during remodeling work which was inevitably destined for a landfill. I’d scrounge what I could, bring it home and then make frames for photos (often for my customers), artwork and signage. The more I worked with this material, the more I liked it.

I gradually expanded the types of furnishings that I built to include coatracks, mirrors, benches for entryways and business signs. For many years now I have also used live-edge pine slabs - sawn from my own property in many cases - to create benches, night-stands and shelving. Interestingly, these rustic pieces look terrific not only in farmhouses, log homes and artistic spaces, but equally beautiful in more traditional, even modern settings. My wife and I have lived in Brooks, Maine now for over 40 years. We raised two kids here - they both live nearby – and now we have a grandson! Life is good! Thank you for your interest and thanks to Lupine Cottage for accepting my work into its lovely store. I feel as though I’m in good company. 

In Store Custom Orders

Russ Lloyd's items are only available in the store.  He also accepts custom orders.

Live Edge Detailed Work

Live Edge Detailed Work: Medium entry-way bench,

15 X 51 X 17

Wall Mirror

T-Mirror: Wall Mirror, 18 X 20

Night Stand 2

Night Stand 2: Night stand/end table,

12 X 14 X 26

GBs Frame.jpg

GB's Frame: Custom frames for your photos (size as required)

Coat Rack

Coat Rack 1A: Large barn board coat rack, 14 X 50 (approx.)

Blackboard and mail bi

Blackboard and Mail Bin: 28 X 20

Coat rack

Coat Rack 3: Live-edge coat rack with Shaker pegs, 12 X 48

Artisan VIII.jpg

Artisan VIII: Coffee table with wash,

52 X 18 X 16.  

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