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William S. Jackson, HarborLight Studio

Meet Lupine Artisan William S. Jackson

Born in the 1940's I was the last child of a large country family. While country life was great, the call of the sea was greater. Having moved to the coastal town of Rockland, Maine in my early teens, the sailing vessels and power boats gave my mind great thoughts of adventure. However, it was the fishing boats and fearless men who worked them who became my real live heroes. 

Working on the waterfront from the age of fifteen, to working on various fishing vessels and then on to processing factories, I eventually progressed to building, owning and operating with various family members, a seafood processing factory. We purchased fish for processing from Newfoundland to the north and North Carolina to the south for a world-wide market. There is little left of the once thriving Maine fishery. My desire is to create a glimpse of the old ways and of the powerful nature that it takes to live one's life at sea: harvesting its treasure and trading them for the opportunity to go back fishing again. 

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