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Lupine Cottage Artisan Anita Kolisch,  Zodi Brooms

Anita Kolisch

Meet Lupine Artisan, Anita Kolisch, Zodi Brooms

Zodi Brooms was born in November of 2019.  I went to a workshop at Haystack that year and learned how to make brooms from the master broom maker, Brian Newton, of Broomcorn Johnnys.  Brian told me that in order to call myself a broom maker, I have to have made at least 300 brooms.  I am now, officially a broom maker and have created a custom made, hand crafted, painted wooden broom that is not only beautiful but functional.  


I went to Rhode Island School of Design and was initially a painting major until I switched to photography.  I still paint and create multimedia art often entering the “paint the peninsula” library fundraising effort in Blue Hill in the summer. Finding the broomsticks in the woods, crafting the handles, painting and creating brooms is my passion and though I work full time as a doctor in Ellsworth and often can be found at night or on the weekend in the “broom factory (our shop). I am happy to work with customers to create a custom broom for them and have made wedding brooms, child brooms and Harry Potter brooms.  I am very excited to be able to offer my brooms for sale at the Lupine Cottage.

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