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Marie Bickford, Pure At Heart Glass Art

Meet Lupine Artisan Marie Bickford

I have been a kiln-fired glass artist for more than a decade. Represented in many Maine-based galleries, and have sold pieces throughout the U.S.A., including Hawaii. I love creating with glass dust powders, crushed glass, (called frit) and sheet glass. I am constantly exploring and pushing limits, creating a lot of "What If's".


It's almost like being a mini mad scientist. Glass rarely comes out of the kiln as a finished piece ready for exhibiting. Much grinding, polishing and many re-firings are required. This process may take hours to days for completion. With so many variables in this creative process, it’s easy to get lost -therefore good notes are very important!

Glass is a wonderful medium for me. I can create art just for pleasing the eye as in wall hangings, tabletop & shelf displays. My work also serves as functional art as in platters, plates, bowls, jewelry and much more.

Here is how I begin with my designs:

  • Choose the right colors of sheet glass, cut Into small to large strips.

  • Use frits and powder (chopped and ground glass) colors of my choice (because here I get to be boss!) and just create till I am ready to make sure everything is straight and true and layered on a base sheet of glass and good to go into the kiln for firing.

  • After firing it all becomes work but well worth the outcome. So I won’t bore you with the details. Just know it makes me very happy when someone likes my ART and I really do A HAPPY DANCE when a piece is sold.

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