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Starry Night Mix Alpaca/Wool Handknit Socks

Starry Night Mix Alpaca/Wool Handknit Socks


Socks knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca light

50% superfine alpaca

50% Peruvian wool

Hand wash in cool water

Lay flat to dry

Average adult size 9-11,



Aside from having a wonderful handle, so soft that you can wear right next to your skin, what’s so special about alpaca fiber? It’s warmer and stronger than the fiber of other mammals, light weight, and very water resistant. It has other qualities, as well.

Another study showed that if worn in a 0 degree F environment, alpaca would give a 50 degree F comfort range. Sheep’s wool would provide a 30 degree F comfort range in the same environment.

This extreme water resistance may be the reason alpaca so successfully wisks moisture away from the body. The many fans of alpaca socks tell us that the socks are very warm but that their feet don’t feel sweaty while wearing them. Thus, while wearing alpaca socks, one’s feet remain comfortable in cold, wet conditions.
Medium (women 5-7, men’s 6-8) ~ Large (women 6-8, men’s 9-11)

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