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Earth-North - Pebbles Trio by Artisan Joan West

Earth-North - Pebbles Trio by Artisan Joan West


Inspired by the Elements:  Earth North Collection -  Pebbles Trio Earrings.

Women of all ages enjoy our feather-lite earrings, as they can be formal, casual, and/or playful too!  Each one is hand-sculpted, hand-hammered, and made of light-weight aluminum sculping wire adorned with colored beads made from wood, clay, metal, and glass, offering you many options for the outfit(s) of your choice. Size averages are approx. 1 1/4″ L x 1″ W  .

It symbolizes abundance, prosperity, sustenance, grounding, and physical manifestation.  

Associated with the north compass position, winter, and the root chakra.

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