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Meet April Artist of the Month Patty Young

Meet Lupine Artisan Patty Young

What started as a hobby making soap became a passion, a love of soapmaking, thus turning into my business in 2010 called Common Scents Soap.

I specialize in making goat milk soap. Goat milk is naturally high in vitamin, minerals, and proteins that nourish the skin. By using fresh wholesome natural ingredients such as fresh goat milk, organic vegetable oils such as olive, coconut and palm oils, I am avoiding harsh chemicals and fillers so often found in commercial soaps.

I make my soap in small batches in my home in Warren Maine. I use the cold process technique which ensures that the glycerin produced in the soap remains in the soap. I hand blend each batch of soap, pour them into beautifully designed molds, hand cut, trim and package each bar personally. From start to finish this process takes about 6 weeks before the soap is ready to sell.

I am always excited to try a bar from each batch and test it for the proper ph balance before it goes to market. Besides the many beautiful molded soaps and scents, I also have created specialty soaps like my Sea Glass Soap, which many have asked, does it really have glass in it? I respond, no but that would make it really exfoliating!

also make campers delight which is a soap made with citronella, cedar and lavender, which helps keep the bugs away while hiking or camping. You can hang them in the shower, or in your tent to dry.

My dirt soap smells like fresh dirt and has pumice in it. It is great for hunters who like an all natural earthy scent to trick the deer, or for hard working hands of all kinds. Thank you for your interest in my product. I couldn't be in business without you.!!😊

Check out some of Patty's Soaps Available online and at the store, click here.


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