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Meet Artist of the Month Highland Organics and The Gaffneys

Highland Blueberry Farm has been family owned and operated since 1989. We take pride in our family, our work and our mission. We believe in working hard and farming sustainably. We consider it an honor to be organic wild Maine blueberry farmers and look forward to growing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Organic Whole Plant Wild Maine Blueberry Tea, a premium loose leaf tea hand-crafted exclusively from sun sweetened blueberry fruit of summer and the crimson-red blueberry leaves of fall, combined to give a taste of wild Maine blueberries in every cup.

Our whole plant tea delivers twice the antioxidants of fresh organic blueberries. Try some today and taste the wild Maine difference.

Organic Blueberry Barque (pronounced bark), is made of 100% organic wild Maine blueberries, harvested at the peak of summer when the fruit is the sweetest and dried to a crunchy, sweet blueberry treat. It is a taste of wild Maine blueberries in every bite. Use it on yogurt, ice cream or mix into your favorite granola. Add it to summer salads or try adding it to your favorite meat marinade. Can be added to breakfast cereals, pancakes, or sweet breads. Ingredients: 100% Organic wild Maine blueberries, To store keep this dried fruit product air tight and dry. NO sweeteners, oils or sulphites added to this product. We changed the recipe on blending our tea which changes how many cups of tea you can get from an ounce of tea and the cost per cup.

Steeping Directions: For one 8 fl. oz. cup of tea make with 4 grams (1 level teaspoon) of tea and steep with 8 fl. oz. of boiling water. Let steep while you sip. Tea will not become bitter.

Here is the breakdown: One ounce of tea can make 7- 4 gram tea cups 5 OZ Tin: $25 = 35 cups@$0.714/cup (when made with 4 grams of tea). 2 OZ Tin: $12 = 14 cups@$0.86/cup (when made with 4 grams of tea). This may not be a 2 cent tea bag, but it is still less than a bottle of SODA!! *PLEASE NOTE* Our 5 OZ. Tins use to make 72 cups but with the new blend the weight is more because of the additional BLUEBERRIES and the cups per tin are less.

To View All of Highland Organic's Products visit their Lupine Artist page, click here


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