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Meet August Artist of the Month, Sandi Cirillo

Sandi Cirillo is a fiber artist whose passion is working with natural and man made textural materials to create one-of-a-kind hand felted journals, fabric cards and fuzzy wuzzy candles that are wonderful as night lights. Her framed mixed media pieces incorporate a variety of materials found in Maine. These pieces are a delight to see and crave to be touched. Sandi also teaches many workshops that introduce people to the joys of the fiber arts.

"I find the fiber arts to be compelling and completely absorbing. For me, it is the visual exploration of ideas and obsessions using color and shape. In my work, I strive to achieve a delicate balance between spontaneous design and exact execution, thereby creating a constant challenge to produce something fluid witin a static structure. The very nature of the materials I work with suggests an experience in tactile imagery and contrasts."

Some of her art below available for purchase on her Artisan Page, click here:

Handpainted One of a Kind Pillow Covers Each pillow cover is a unique one of a kind design reflecting the artist's love of the natural environment. The design is handpainted on 100% silk. The pillow cover can be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves These silk scarves are created using a Japanese resist method known as "shibori". Many of the scarves are also handpainted by the artist. Each scarf is 100% silk and can be hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Each scarf is a unique one-of-a-kind design reflecting the artists' love of coastal Maine and the surrounding environment.

Decorative Accents Sea Anemones

The sea anemone is considered to be the flower of the sea. They look like plants but are actually meat eating animals. They come in all different sizes and colors. They are invertebrates and have no skeleton and are long lived in the water. They have a single body opening, the mouth, which is surrounded by tentacles. The tentacles protect the anemone and catch its food. They eat fish, mussels, zooplankton, tiny marine larvae. They can attach themselves to rocks or bury themselves in the mud. Their predators are the grey sea slug and the tompot blenny. There are sea anemones all over the world and in our own Gulf of Maine. But they are being affected by ocean and climate change. After extensive research, the sea anemone you see is my artistic interpretation of their forms and textures using a variety of fibrous materials that I work with.

Mixed Media Pieces


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