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Meet May Artist of the Month Julie Patterson

Meet Lupine Artisan Julie Patterson My younger sister and I spent two weeks every summer at my oldest sisters home in New Hampshire from the time I can remember. Every visit she would have craft projects for us to do. The ones I remember the most were making clothes and counted cross stitch. Although I never make clothes and very rarely cross stitch anymore, it was a great influence on me and planted the seed for crafting. I have tried my hand at many kinds of crafts. My biggest enjoyment is trying new things. Which explains the amount of supplies in my craft room. I came across this technique of drawing called Zentangle late 2015. I was instantly excited to give it a try. From my original drawings, I scan them to make a digital copy. I print out copies and make custom mat boards to fit several picture frames. I use my card program to make note cards. If any print out has flaws I make magnets and bookmarks. I hope you enjoy my craft as much as I enjoy making them.


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