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Meet October Artist of the Month Doreen Dickson

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Meet Lupine Artisan Doreen Dickson

All my life I've loved to create from what's around me. I lived in rural areas and many did not have easy access to craft stores...nor did I even think I needed them. I would bundle up my two girls, grab a basket and say...let go to the craft store (meaning...let see what we can find outside to make something beautiful with). Fall flowers, ready dried on the stem, became wreaths or centerpieces-Stones and birch bark curls might grace a shelf. We were never disappointed and we always came back with treasures and inspiration from the great outdoors. That tradition, I think, has made for two creative daughters!

My family tree is loaded with crafty talent and holidays always included homemade items such as a hand knit sweater from an treasured aunt, something special from Dad's workshop or Mom's late night sewing manifested as a new dress under the tree. My sisters and I would sit under the tree and sew little creations for gift giving and we... including my talented 'baby' Brother still love to share our projects when we get together. We always find such joy in seeing what the other has been making.

Now I'm blessed to realize my dream of living and creating in the woods of Maine. We found a funny little property with a few cute cabins and a workshop in Jackson. I think there were originally 11 buildings to explore and assign to use. They were built with care and creativity and I fell in love with the storybook rooflines and rustic cedar. But they were in need of lots of work and work we did! My husband has added a new building to the list...an art studio that was finished early Fall 2013. I did not think I could love him any more than I already do after 26 years of marriage....but...boy I love that man! Now I have a place for sewing machines and metal sheers...shipping scales and displays. So this is were I create, play, live and garden, and would not have it any other way. hopefully the items I offer reflect a little of the joy that I feel when I make them and the spirit of the place they come from~ a little cabin in the woods of Maine.

Hopefully the items I offer reflect a little of the joy that I feel when I make them and the spirit of the place they come from~ a little cabin in the woods of Maine... Doreen Dickson

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