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Meet Lupine Knitter Margaret Masessa

People always ask me How Did You Make Those Double Knit Cable Mittens ? So here goes.......

I order my yarn from Bartlett Yarn in Harmony Maine. It comes to me in skeins: I use 2 ply Worsted weight yarn.

I then put it on a Swift to wind into balls,

Now the yarn is ready to knit with on my knitting machine.

Now it is time to put the yarn on my machine

I cast on with scrap yarn and start knitting the tuck design

Finished mitten ready to take off machine

Now to finish the mitten.

I hand close the thumbs and sides of the mitten , hand picking up the one side of the bar of the stitch so you cannot see the seam.

Then I turn the mitten right side out.

Now I put the plain knit part into the cabled part , to create my double knit mitten.

Below are some of my mittens are available on my Artist Page , click here


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